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Timbered Ridge Homes,

My wife and I want to say Thank You for everything you did in building our home. In order to fully understand our appreciation for everything you did, I have to take a few mintues to explain what happened.


We purchased this land almost 7 years ago with hopes of building a home on it someday. During this time, we exhausted every effort in trying to find out what was invloved in building our own home with a number of builders & contractors. Between all the details of the permits, CCR's, placement of the home, the electrical, spetic, water well and so on, we were coming to realize that this was going to be a challenge that we were not expecting. Even with all these obstacles, the biggest issue was the construciton loan. We were totally overwhelmed, to say the least.


Even though we loved the land, we realized we were in way over our heads. We decided to put a well in and sell the land. We were hoping we could sell it and make enough money to buy something else that was already built.


We were out looking at homes for sale when we came across a few signs with the name Timbered Ridge Homes on them. Quite a few of these homes were built not far from our property. I called and left a message for them to call me. The next day I recieved a call from Chad Salsbury. I mentioned to him what we were wanting to do and he arriagned a meeting with Barry Stearns. We all met at the property one afternoon and within an hour, we came to realize that this could actually work after all.


Barry and his team, took all the guess work and more importantly, the stress out of building a home. When we look back at everything now, the biggest obstacle we faced, was my wife and I agreeing on what colors the carpeting, the paint and the lightening and everything we needed to pick out when building a new home.


This was by far, a blessing for me and my wife. We are so glad we made that one phone call. Barry and his team are truly "Dream Makers".


Thank you Timbered Ridge,



--- Rob Spilker




Dear Barry and Cameron,

I am writing to let you know how please I am with my wonderful new home, and what a pleasure it was working with you and all of the staff at Timbered Ridge. When I first moved to the Coeur d’ Alene area and was looking for a new place, I was initially apprehensive about taking on a new-home building project, especially as a single woman, and given all of the horror stories one hears about the process in general (let’s be honest; horror stories abound). But when I couldn't find the perfect place to call home amongst existing houses, I started thinking about building. Everyone I spoke to assured me that they had heard nothing but wonderful things about Timbered Ridge, so I took a deep breath and jumped in. The whole process was very smooth and fast. I was especially impressed by all of the work that got done despite the “Great Windstorm of 2015” and later, the epic snow storms that continually pummeled the building site.


Throughout the project, any time I had a question or needed reassurance about something (no matter how trivial it probably seemed to all of you), it was extremely easy to reach Cameron or any of the other staff. Oftentimes, when I sat down to send in a question or concern late in the evening via the internet, I received a response or an answer that very evening, even if it was quite late. Or from Barry when he was on vacation! Do you guys ever sleep? Even after closing and moving in, if I had a small question about something or needed information about my new house, I received an answer very quickly.


Most importantly, throughout the process, I felt that everyone at Timbered Ridge was genuinely concerned that I was completely happy with the building process and my home. I absolutely LOVE my new home, and all of my friends that have come to see it have admired the quality of the work. I would not hesitate to recommend Timbered Ridge to anyone. Please feel free to use me as a reference should the need arise.  


Thanks again for everything.




--- Jo Christensen
Lone Mountain Road, Athol




Dear Barry,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you and your contractors did in building our home. We had a home built by one of the other local contractors in 2004, and each time I asked for a change it was truly a battle until we just gave up on what we wanted. This was certainly not the case with Timbered Ridge. Every time we asked for a change your answer was “sure we can do that”.


I was at the job site every day during construction and every one of your subcontractors were welcoming and answered all of my question with a smile. It will be two years sense we closed on May 14th and we are as please with the house as the day we moved in.


Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who is considering purchasing one of your home. I can truly say that your clients will not only get a great house but they will also gain a friend.


Yours truly,

--- Bruce & Deanne Clifford  




My wife and I would like to briefly share our experience with Timbered Ridge Homes. The entire process beginning through the end has been a very positive and pleasant experience. As soon as we decided on location Timbered Ridge purchased the property immediately. Barry helped us with our ideas and implemented minor changes to the flour plan we decided upon. We could not be more pleased with everyone at Timbered Ridge and Chad from Windermere Realty. Our house was above our expectations. We love our house! If you are planning to build a home we highly recommend Timbered Ridge.

--- Mike and Pam C




Barry & Jeremy, 

We wanted to take a minute to thank you both for the wonderful new home that you have built for us. After living there for almost a year now we have found that quality and beauty that is immediately apparent when you first step through the door are more than just surface deep. Neither of us can think of a single place where we have found anything but quality materials and craftsmanship.


We would like to individually thank Jeremy for finding us the perfect piece of land in the exact area we wanted to be in. After hearing what we wanted you found us the perfect home site. In addition to that you and your crews then did an exceptional job in clearing our home site as well as building roads an infrastructure for our new home. We are truly grateful for the job that you and your companies have done.


Also we need to specifically thank Barry for your tireless work on our house, and you attention to detail. We are especially thankful for your being so patient with us as we stressed over the details during construction. We (having heard all of the usual contractor horror stories) were extremely stressed by the whole project. We now know that you could have built the home without ever having stepped foot into it until move in day and we would have still ended up with the same beautiful quality home that we have now. Even given our incredibly frequent phone calls you were always there with a patient explanation of what was happening and reassurances that we would end up with everything that we had asked for. Finally I also would like to thank you for your prompt response to the few things we found that needed to be fixed or touched up after we moved in. In the end it was your expertise during the design phase, and attention to detail during construction that is wholly to credit for our home being all that it is.


We would also like to mention both of you that having met most of your sub-contractors during construction we found them all to be professional and hard working. Please be sure to relay our thanks to them for their hard work, attention to detail, and diligence. There were many weekends when we would drive out to see the home while it was under construction and find one or more of the subs working on the house. This undoubtedly helped contribute to it’s going up so fast.


In closing our whole family is incredibly happy with our new home and Cyrell and I will not hesitate to recommend Big Sky Development and Timbered Ridge Construction to our friends and relatives. Also, if any of your future clients are looking for a reference please feel free to share this letter, give them our number, or call us and we will be happy to show them our home.

--- Adam & Cyrell M




Dear Barry,

Shirlee and I want to thank you, Tom, and all the crews who came together and built our home. I’m sure we were challenging to work with at times, changing designs, adding/deleting features, and generally being picky, but y’all were patient with us to the very end. Even when we sprung features on you that were out of your ordinary building regiment, like the sub tube, all the extra insulation (which is pretty good right now!), the Murphy bed closets in the guest rooms, and the electronics panel, your team did their best to accommodate us. A special thanks to Kathy for keeping track of all those changes!


We are extremely satisfied with the finished product, as we were with the professionalism and responsiveness of the work teams that made it happen. You do good work! If you’re as happy with what you built as we are to be living in it, feel free to use us as a references for future Timbered Ridge clients. Pictures provided and tours given on request!

--- Shirlee & Bill

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10065 Navion Dr.
Hayden, ID 83835 



10065 Navion Dr
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